1943 Military Simplex Servi-cycle  Sorry, Sold


This is an unrestored, original bike.  It is the WW2, military issue version and is in incredible condition.  I have been looking online and can not find another one of these for sale!  This bike is more rare than we thought.  Please note the two military issue tags - they are authentic.  Others may “say” they have a military Simplex but unless you see the tags, don’t believe it.  The motor tag says, “This machine conforms to the orders of the War Production Board”.  The brass, frame tag has two numbers on it and the letters U  S  O.  The brake on some ’43 models was a “heal” brake but according to Wayne Mahaffey (best known Simplex authority in the U.S.), late ’43 and early ’44 models had the pedal moved to the front as it is on this one.  Wayne also commented that during the war, many Simplexes were “pieced” together to make shipments as soon as they could.  Wayne actually did the rebuild on this motor and said that it is in very good condition.  Note the fender tag number matches the number stamped on the motor.  The date and “U.S.” is also stamped on the motor.  All is in working order and the antique patina gives it an impressive look.  In category, this bike can compete “as is” and do very well. 

Engine:  1 Cylinder (125 cc?)   

Color:  Army Green                                        VIN:  419  (U S  1943)

price  -  $6,000.00